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Having worked in the television industry for over 20 years I have developed and honed my skills by working across a wide range of prime time programmes, including Series Directing Inside The Factory and a prime time documentary series about the RAF display teams for BBC2, as well as developing and producing a new car show format. 

My directing skills have been put to the test filming all over the world, from air to air with a Mustang in the US,  aerials over the gulf of Mexico, underwater filming in the Bahamas, stunt coordination, large scale filming inside factories and dealing with the cultural challenges of filming in the Far East.

No challenge is too big.

My educational background in both science and engineering has allowed me to work on some stunning and informative documentaries and my love of the extreme has set me up well for dealing with some challenging filming in both the severe heat and cold.

Steve worked with me on a new pilot car restoration series, and brought tremendous enthusiasm and dedication to the project. He was skilled behind the camera, great with the contributors and easy to work with in the edit. Ultimately, he delivered a fabulous show that did justice to the wonderful cast of characters.
Steve is a fantastic Series Director. Bursting with creative flair and a pleasure to work with on any project.
We worked together on an ambitious series with challenging deadlines and budgets. Steve proved to be a highly adaptable, talented and dependable Series Director who I wouldn’t hesitate to work with again. Snap him up quickly!
His focus during and easy command of extremely challenging filming situations and schedules has helped massively to pull out the best performances from myself
Steve brings a creative energy to shoots that comes through in the rushes very obviously. He’s great with talent, contributors and cars, always finding ways not to do the obvious
Steve is a fantastic producer with great storytelling skills. He’s a strong team player, and happy to turn his hand to any area of production – directing, shooting, edit producing, script editing or helping train less experienced members of a team

I’ve produced programmes for a broad range of channels over the years

Key Skills
​Proficient user of Sony FS7, PMW500, Sony F800, Canon XF305 and Canon 5D

Vast experience of foreign location shoots, extreme weather and air to air filming

Proficient edit producer and script writer

Passion for food, motoring and music programmes in particular

Call me on:+44 (0)7973 198853 or email

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